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Loan Rates

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Interest Rates by State and Lender

In most states, is able to connect you with skilled signature loan lenders. The specific interest rate you pay on a loan from one of our affiliate lenders will vary by state. Also, the specific rate that you’re charged and how the rate is calculated may vary depending on which lender you are connected with.


Repayment on a signature loan is usually performed either monthly or once every two weeks, depending on your lender’s terms or your preferences. The way it works is that funds are withdrawn automatically from your bank account on the date agreed upon by you and your lender. Since the payment is automatic, you shouldn’t have to worry about missing any payments as long as there is a sufficient amount of funds available in your account. Make sure you read and completely understand all of your lender’s policies when it comes to repayment and understand what is required of you as a borrower to repay the loan.

Signature Loan Costs

On the whole, the entire cost of a signature loan will vary a great deal based on factors related to the loan requestor, the state that individual lives in, the lender, and the loan requestor's repayment. Other factors that matter include the amount of money that’s borrowed, the period of time of the loan and the lender’s individual interest rates. Your credit score may also be taken into consideration.

Standard Signature Loan Terms

While specific terms of signature loans will vary depending on your state, the lender you are working with and your particular circumstances, here is a general range of common terms:

  • Loan amount: $1,000–$35,000
  • Lending period: 6–60 months
  • Payment frequency: Once or twice a month
  • Annual percentage rate (APR): Will vary based on your repayment history, credit score and other factors (Range 5.90% to 35.75%)
  • Prepayment penalty: None
  • You have the option to repay the loan in full before the due date and only pay the interest rate for the period of time that the loan was outstanding.

See below for a representative example of a Signature Loan APR range.

of Loan
Amount Paid
6%$4,00024 Months$177.28$4,254.78
15%$4,00024 Months$193.95$4,654.72
25%$4,00024 Months$213.49$5,123.67