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Easy Ways to Save Money

Posted in Resource Center by Adam Hilliard | August 21, 2013

Main Counting Coins

A smart consumer understands that there are easy ways to save money through everyday actions. While you don’t need to craft a stringent financial plan, you should be mindful of your spending patterns, look for creative ways to reign in excess spending, and create some kind of budget to help you achieve a healthier bank account, and consequently, greater security.

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How To Avoid Bank Overdraft Fees

Posted in Resource Center by Lee Avery | August 7, 2013

Man at ATM

Banks usually charge a fee whenever you overdraft your account. Depending on the institution, you may not receive a fee for overdrafts in amounts under five dollars, but for one of this amount or more, you certainly will get hit with a penalty charge. While bank overdraft fees are burdensome and costly, however, they can be easily avoided with just a few simple actions on your part.

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How to Get the Best Interest Rate for Your Savings Account

Posted in Resource Center by Raymond Kim | July 31, 2013

Smiling Woman on Computer

A savings account is an excellent place to securely store your money, and it can be linked to your checking account for maximum financial efficiency. The downside is that interest rates on savings accounts are frustratingly low, and many economists expect them to stay that way for the next few years. The most generous rates on these accounts barely reach 1 percent.

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My Bank Offers Too Many Accounts! Which One Is Best?

Posted in Resource Center by Erin Scobie | July 17, 2013

Bank Sign

These days, most banks offer a wide range of accounts to attract deposits from the general public. A bank account is a record of the financial transactions between a banking institution and a customer. From basic checking accounts to savings accounts to money market deposit accounts, banks offer a plethora of account options for you to choose from. Knowing your personal spending habits will help you find the best bank account for your particular financial situation.

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